Meet The Director

"I'll never forget celebrity choreographer Shane Sparks. I used to take his hip hop classes in LA, and one day at a film audition, he asked me why he hadn't seen me in a while. I told him the truth; things were tight & I just couldn't afford it. He gave me his phone number & told me that any time I wanted to take class, just call him, & he would put me on the list. To this day, I firmly believe in fairness, & that ANYONE can dance. Fitness should be physically & financially attainable no matter who you are." 

Originally from San Francisco, Maria Trenton (Hontalas) started her Classical Ballet training fifteen years ago. Although starting at "mature" age of fourteen, she was always found contorting & rolling around her house as a young child. Her fascination with figure skaters & gymnasts inspired her to bend & flip flop in her own backyard. Music had been the original art form in her household, as her father, a musician, enrolled her into piano & singing lessons at eight years old. That soon turned into her involvement with a youth musical theatre company & eventually, dance lessons in her high school's after school program. It wasn't until her third year at California State University Fullerton studying for her Bachelors in Dance, when her years of performance finally tunnel visioned into her passion for dance. 

To pay for University, Maria started auditioning in Los Angeles, managing to land dancing & acting rolls alongside some of the best actors, dancers, & choreographers in Los Angeles. This expanded her vocabulary in Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, & Hip Hop. After moving to Melbourne seven years ago, Maria started experimenting with more unique performance artistry such as aerial skills, burlesque, acrobatics & contortion. Her passion is performing, teaching & sharing her knowledge to beginner & advanced students alike. 

While in LA, Maria appeared in numerous music videos and films under the choreography of the likes of Mia Michaels (So You Think You Can Dance), for celebrities like Wayne Brady (How I Met Your Mother) amongst others, while taking class at the world famous Millennium Dance Complex. She even has a choreography credit for the independent film, "The Appearance Of Things". When Maria relocated to Melbourne, she continued performing, headlining a national touring show titled "Simply Burlesque". She's guest performed with "Man In The Mirror", a Michael Jackson tribute show, and has performed and competed interstate. Even so, Maria is happier focusing her time on instruction while thoroughly enjoying her students perform and demonstrate their growth.